How Is Your Thanksgiving Going?

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Thanksgiving is here! What are you up to?

Welcome to a very special edition of Chatroom, soaked in gravy and stuffed inside a turkey. I don’t come from a family that celebrates Thanksgiving in a traditional way (most of us are vegetarians and can’t cook. Oops). I am bad at Thanksgiving.


I realize this lets me sidestep some of the Thanksgiving awkwardness that can arise for those of you who are hosting or attending giant family gatherings. This year, I’m planning on celebrating friendsgiving-style on Friday, and I just purchased a lot of paper fiesta plates and cups covered in illustrated turkeys. This, I feel, is a worthy contribution. Tomorrow I’m going to try to make some food and not blow up my apartment in the process.

How has your Thanksgiving progressed so far? Did you have to fight the travel hordes to get there? If you’re cooking, what did you make? And, erm, do you have any favorite recipes that people who cannot cook to save their life might be able to attempt?

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copying files to my new NAS. good thing i have a 4 day weekend.