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How L.A.'s "Last Bookstore" evolved from post-apocalyptic to magical

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When Josh Spencer decided to open a bookstore called the Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, he pictured it as a post-apocalyptic thing — the Last Bookstore on Earth. But now that he's moved to a much larger space, an old bank headquarters in an Art Nouveau building, quirky weirdness has taken over.

Top image: Robjtak on Flickr.

Talking to Southern California Public Radio, Spencer explains the original impetus behind the Last Bookstore:

I’ve always been into science fiction and post-apocalyptic things, so I always wondered what a cool ‘last bookstore’ would look like for some future civilization.


The bookstore has been in its much larger space for about a year, and attractions include color-coded books, chandliers made out of bicycle wheels, a tunnel of books and a sculpture where books appear to be "flying off the shelves." See some photos below, via Robjtak on Flickr and KCRW: