How Many Cameras Does One Astronaut Really Need?

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Astronaut Don Pettit doesn't have the name recognition of Ansel Adams, but his work transcends cultures and borders around the globe, literally. Pettit is the photographer behind the amazing timelapses coming from the ISS and here he is with his cameras; all 10 of them.


You might be wondering what he's doing that requires all this equipment. Well, it has less to do with "needs" and everything to do with weight. Whenever a new camera is sent to the ISS, it either stays there or must be discarded before re-entry. This is because of strict, re-entry weight limitations which don't account for giant DSLRs and their sometimes even larger lenses. All this adds up to a lot of cameras over a long time. And fortunately for us, a lot of incredible footage. [OnOrbit via Petapixel]

Image courtesy of NASA



Looks like they are all Nikons. Wouldn't hurt to have a trusty Canon on board! ;)