How Many Gifts Are You Selling on eBay?

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Every year, without fail, we all receive some bad gifts. Sure, you may've scored that phone, e-reader or laptop that you were lusting after, but there will be shockers, too: a hand-knitted sweater from your grandma, novelty socks, or, perhaps if you're incredibly unlucky, an $80 Walmart tablet. And with gifts that bad, there's only thing for it: eBay.

So, what were the worst gifts you received this year? Why do you hate them so bad? And, more importantly, how's the bidding shaping up on eBay?

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Absolutely none, eBay is a non-starter these days due to all the fees. If anything, I would sell it on Facebook. Many (most?) towns, counties, even states these days have a "swap" site, or even several, where you can sell/buy with locals that you trust.