How Many of These Simple Security Tips Do You Actually Use?

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The ever helpful folks at Household Hacker have come up with a list of quick and easy security tips to make your life on the Internet a wee bit more secure. Most of you probably already do a lot of this stuff. And if you don't, you should. Even if it makes your life a little bit more annoying, it's also making everything a little more secure.

The 7 tips are as follows:

  • Use different e-mail addresses for different accounts. Or even use temporary e-mail accounts
  • Porn mode browser (or Tor)
  • Never save your credit card information
  • Public Network Wi-Fi setting
  • Secret answers for security questions
  • Don't overshare on social networks
  • Secure your Wi-Fi

How many of these tips do you actually follow? How many of you follow none? And if not the seven above, what other simple methods of security do you use in your daily life?