As for Stile's test case, Nick Diaz finally got his rematch with K.J. Noons after three grueling years. Stile watched proudly as Diaz went the five-round distance, getting several cuts without much blood loss - and coming out with a long-awaited victory.


Eventually, Stile might have new answers for nasal issues: UFC veteran Phil Baroni had Stile reshape a nose already several times broken, allowing him to breathe more easily and keep his jaw from hanging open to get air.

"Phil had a deviated septum, which was the main impetus for the surgery, but we also did cosmetic changes," Stile recalls. "His nose became a little more refined and we took some of the irregularities out of the bridge. I think nasal reconstruction will become a huge thing."


It won't be tomorrow, or next year, but eventually athletic commissions across the United States will need to determine the validity of using surgery to improve performance. The Association of Boxing Commissions is investigating the issue in its medical committee, which may issue a report this summer.

"The era of the natural human is slowly coming to an end, both biologically and ideologically," Andy Miah says.


One of the faces of this new paradigm is Oscar Pistorius, the bionic Paralympian with artificial legs. "If he is able to compete in the London 2012 Olympic Games - not just the Paralympic Games - this will signal a massive shift in what we think of as being ‘able-bodied.'

"Then, technology will have outpaced evolution. Quite literally."

Photos: Courtesy Frank Stile

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