Illustration for article titled How Much Fancier Can This Palindromic, Kinetic Museum Sign Get?

Yeh, your local museum may think they're pretty fancy with their glowing Helvetica sign, but does it have revolving parts that turn into a mirrored palindrome? London's V&A museum is scoffing in the face of yours.


A palindrome, in case your memory needs refreshing, is a word which can be read either back to front, or front to back, exactly the same way—you may be familiar with "radar" or "kayak." In this case, the letters "V&A" appear in the logo even when spun around. It's hard to explain, but if you clamp your eyes on the video here you'll see what I mean.

It's the work of UK artist Troika, and was put up in the museum entrance just the other week. [Troika via Core77]

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