How One Man Is Turning the Eiffel Tower into a Song

If you want to make music, you've got a plenty of different instruments to choose from. But if you want to make really unique (or weird) music, you've got to find something off the beaten path. That's why Joseph Bertolozzi chose the Eiffel Tower.


A composer with a deep appreciation for both sophisticated architecture and wailing on things with sticks, Bertolozzi is bringing both interests together for his "Tower Music" project. The distinctive clings and clangs dictated by the Tower's carefully designed construction will eventually give way to a tune that only it could ever have created.

The project is in its early stages right now, so there's little more to hear than just banging, but Bertolozzi pulled off the exact same feat with the Hudson Bridge a few years ago, and his finished piece "Bridge Funk" can give you an idea of what this will sound like when it's done. It's no hit single, but that's not a bad thing. Dude's definitely gotten to the virtuoso level of banging on public infrastructure. [The New York Times]


what an aweiffel idea.