How Photoshop Ruined This Poor Girl's Summer

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Yes! Summer! Pool time! Aqua fun! Time to splish and splash! Get yer bathing suit! Round up your pals! Hop in the Banzai Whale Pool with three amigos! Wait, what's that? It's tiny and the box is deceptively photoshopped? Oh.

This has to be one of the more egregious examples of photoshop trickery—and look, it ruined this little girl's say/summer/life. Look at that face! She's not only been alienated from warm weather fun, but probably from the technology that took her for a ride to disappointment lane.

That, or the people at Banzai are honest and hard working, and this child is a giant mutant child who makes the pool seem small. It's possible.


But improbable. Screw you, Banzai. Don't take advantage of kids. [FailBlog via Consumerist via Reddit]

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It's a whale pool moron! It's for whales! It works just fine!