How the Animated Gif Grew from Meme to Medium

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In the 25 years since the invention of the Gif file, it's undergone an incredible metamorphosis developing from little more than a static image to become stunning cinemagraphs. PBS's Off Book explores the history of the Gif.

As Off Book summarizes,

GIFs are one of the oldest image formats used on the web. Throughout their history, they have served a huge variety of purposes, from functional to entertainment. Now, 25 years after the first GIF was created, they are experiencing an explosion of interest and innovation that is pushing them into the terrain of art.


Off Book discusses the the development and future of the medium with Patrick Davison of MemeFactory and TopherChris of Tumblr, as well as with Gif artists Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader of Reed+Rader and Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of Cinemagraphs. [PBS via BoingBoing]