How to Apply a Dust-Free Screen Protector Even if You Don't Have a Clean Room

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Lift and restick. Lift and restick. You've been trying to get that screen protector on for over an hour now only to be repeatedly foiled by an errant speck of dust or pernicious air bubble. Bugger that. This new roll-on cover promises to apply it right, the first time.

Called the PureTek Roll-On, this ingenious system's packaging doubles as an installation bed. After wiping down the screen, place the phone in the bed and pull the film from the top of the box to the bottom. The film automatically aligns with the edges of the screen and rolls down the face, preventing the formation of bubbles. The system currently is only available for the iPhone 4/S models, so Android and WP7 users will have to keep protecting their phones manually.


The PureTek Roll-On retails for $20 from the PureTek website. It even includes a free replacement if you somehow manage to screw up the first time. [CultofMac]