How to Be the First to Know When Arrested Development Is on Netflix

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The Internet is all about being first. Who wants to be second? You want to be the person who screams FIRST. You want to be the douche who calls something that popped up an hour ago OLD. You want to know immediately when the new episodes of Arrested Development will be uploaded to Netflix. Here's how.

The new season of Arrested Development will premiere on May 26th. That's a Sunday. Meaning all 15 episodes will pop up on Netflix and you'll spend the next 10 hours or so alternating between watching the Bluth family, eating Cheetos, using Charmin and drinking colored carbonated water. It'll be a good day.


But a day is so long. What time will Arrested Development actually show up on Netflix? No one knows! But you can use a texting tool that'll immediately notify you when the new season of Arrested Development hits the streams. Created by Jonathan Gottfried and Michael Selvidge, all you need to do is text ANN to 619-EGG-VEAL (that would be 619-344-8325).

BuzzFeed says that the service will only send you one text (after the initial confirmation text), the one that will tell you to drop everything and watch Arrested Development. [BuzzFeed]