How To: Build Your Own Full-Scale Eiffel Tower

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So you've got your 7,000 metric tons of puddling iron, your unruly 19th-century French construction crew, your Michelin starred chef and a Rosetta Stone French DVD. Today, finally, you have the final piece: Blueprints!

They're less precise than the perfectly-modeled CAD renderings people rely on now, but equally, they're more beautiful; and perhaps not coincidentally, so are the results. So get to it, fauxrchitectes. [Kottke]

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I've eaten at the Jules Verne restaurant. Not only was the food amazingly good, but it was like living a 19th century science fiction fantasy. There is even a private elevator to the restaurant and all the tables have amazing views from above the outdoor gallery with the hoi polloi. (Of course, if you build your own - Legos anyone - you could put in a microwave ....)