How to Get Out of a Cell Contract Without Paying an ETF in Many Not-So-Easy Steps

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If you try to get out of your cellphone contract without paying one of those blasted (and newly illegal in California) early termination fees, you're going to need a meticulously planned and researched counterargument for everything they throw at you. It's not a small undertaking, and you'll meet hostile resistance every step of the way. But it is possible.

Ely Rosentock made the above video laying out every argument they'll use against you and every counterargument you should use to refute it. It's essentially a guide to refuting their script, and it's awesome. He discusses Verizon specifically, but it should apply to all the carriers. So, contractually-trapped friends, go forth and break free! Let us know how it goes. [Crastinate via Consumerist]