Starting the first Sunday in October, Toys"R"Us will be giving away an exclusive and limited set with each $75 Lego purchase. Each successive week, another model in the series will be released.

October 5 - October 11: Theater

October 12 - October 18: Pizza Place

October 19 - October 25: Fire Station

October 26 - November 1: Town Hall

Unlike the widely available Mini Modulars (10230), which were on 8x8 plates, each of the Toys"R"Us exclusive sets are neatly built on a 6x8 plate. Every set comes with a couple of micro vehicles to match the theme of the build. When your collection is complete, they will link together via two axles on each end to form your city block.


Bricktober Theater (40180) is 164 pieces and looks similar to the Cinema in the Town Plan (10184) set from 2008. I especially like the way they used the optional side of the Profile Bricks on the upper level.

Bricktober Pizza Place (40181) is a great take on the stereotypical Italian Flag based Pizza joint. Awesome use of the Flat Silver round 1x1 Plate with Swirled Top as the rooftop exhaust vent. This piece only appears in one other set to date, Heartlake Juice Bar (41035).

Bricktober Fire Station (40182) is a typical LEGO Fire Station. Taking a few design cues from the 2009 Fire Brigade (10197). Nothing very extraordinary here save the crazy scale failure with the fire hydrant.

Bricktober Town Hall (40183) is the most elaborate of the four coming in at 186 elements. Though the build has a few similarities to the Town Hall (10224) released in 2012, it is in a different palette. Thankfully, it comes with plenty of cheese wedge elements in Sand Green and some great frog gargoyles

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