How to Make 3D Images

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Want to make your own crazy eye-popping 3D images? It's actually not that tough. You'll just need a digital camera, some image-editing software, and this tutorial. Oh, and some 3D glasses so that you can admire your work properly.

If you prefer written out instructions instead of a video guide, then check out Open Tutorial's very detailed step-by-step notes on creating 3D images of your own. [Open Tutorial]

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3D has been "here to stay" since the early 1900s. It never died, just receded for awhile and is back in the limelight again. Anaglyphic 3D is still excellent, when done correctly. I have hundreds of beautifully done photo examples in my photostream and sets, both done by myself or from other sources, as well as many galleries of the best shots from 3D fans. When making anaglyphic stereo photos, I use my digital camera and take left and right side-by-side shots by just moving a bit to the side in the right image. Then I use the program Stereo Photo Maker to combine and orient the pair. Convergence is best when it's closest to the objects. The further away it is, the more eye strain occurs.