How to Make Fancy Homemade American Cheese with Science

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Mark McClusky, special projects editor at Wired, just showed CHOW his go-to recipe for making fancy schmancy homemade Velveeta-style cheese which means you can steal his recipe and do the same thing. So instead of eating delicious processed cheese, you can gorge on delicious homemade cheese!

The special McCheese uses modernist cuisine cooking tricks such as utilizing sodium citrate and iota carrageenan to emulsify and gel the cheeses to replicate that classic American cheese texture and taste. Don't be intimidated though, it doesn't actually seem too hard to make. If you follow his video below, you can whip up the yellow goop in no time. And the best thing is, the cheese can last for 3 weeks in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer. The ingredients list, according to McClusky:

240 grams shredded sharp cheddar cheese
150 grams shredded Comté cheese
150 grams shredded aged Gouda cheese
180 grams dry white wine
190 grams water
24 grams sodium citrate
3 grams iota carrageenan
4 grams kosher salt


Shred the cheese, combine the ingredients and mix it all up, more or less. McClusky is sniper accurate with his measurements (he employs TWO different scales), so you'll probably want to stay as close to these numbers as possible to achieve perfect milky, gooey awesomeness. The full recipe can be found over at CHOW. [CHOW via @markmcc]

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Why would you take Cheddar and Gouda and make it worse? That's just confusing.

And what exactly is kosher salt?