How to Make Your Own Beef Briefs

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The thing with edible panties is that if I'm going to have to eat something that's been girding my partner's loins for the last half hour, I don't want it to taste like a warm Fruit Roll-Up. I want to chow down on something meatily delicious—like this pair of Brief Jerky.


Concocted by Instructables user Carleyy, each pair of jerked briefs is made from two pounds of ground beef and various seasonings held together with Slim Jim laces. The process is straightforward, akin to making conventional jerky—but, you know, with the added step of crafting a garment from the out of the dehydrated meat product. Be warned though, the project does require a dehydrator and at least 12 hours of prep time so if you're fixing to fabricate a flesh-flavored loincloth for Valentines Day, you'll want to plan ahead. [Instructables]



Dehydrated meat? Oh yeah!