How To Maximize Your (Beverage's) Life Expectancy

Illustration for article titled How To Maximize Your (Beverage's) Life Expectancy

Hot coffee is supposed to be the kind of tongue-burning liquid that will slap you awake, while iced tea was never designed to be a lukewarm soupy mess. Yet it seems as if most beverage containing devices have overlooked these simple aphorisms, because how many times have you reached for a nice cool/warm swig of your drink and had it in fact be warm/cool instead?


Fortunately, for the past 65 years the beverage efficiency experts at Tervis have been tirelessly working on new ways to regulate your drink's temperature. When the vacuum flask was invented over a century ago, few thought it could be improved upon. Yet Tervis had the foresight to combine its double-walled insulation with the everyday cup, thus creating its spectacular, sturdy tumbler.

Do what you will with whichever tumbler you choose—blast it in the microwave, toss it in the dishwasher, throw it off a bridge (ok, maybe don't do the bridge thing), because Tervis promises that their tumblers wont crack, chip or shatter thanks to the tumbler's nearly-indestructible, double-thick plastic. Precision engineering and smart design make the company secure enough to offer a lifetime guarantee for their products.

Additionally, Tervis' tumblers come in a variety of sizes—from a micro 8-oz to a macro 24-oz—making them optimally adaptable for whatever your drinking/drink-sharing/drink-hogging needs may be.

Best of all ("There's more?"), because of Tervis' double-walled insulation, the tumblers greatly reduce condensation, so if you're, say, drinking a nice cool glass of lemonade and playing Lemonade Tycoon on your smartphone, you won't get your precious device all soggy. And, even though the vacuum between the two layers of tough plastic should be enough to guarantee dry hands, add-ons like lids and handles are available for a little added security around your gadgets.

Head here now to check out the 500+ newly-added designs, and to learn all innovative advancements Tervis and their tumblers will bring to your drinking needs.