How to Recreate One of Aliens' Most Iconic Props For Under $30

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Many of you now know about one of the many things I collect. Another thing on that list is prop replicas of weapons from movies. I’ve got lightsabers and samurai swords, but one thing I always wanted and never got was the Pulse Rifle from Aliens. Now I can build one for under $30.

The YouTube show DIY Prop Shop recently did an episode, which you can conveniently watch below, that details how to build a pretty spot on version of the Aliens prop with only one trip to the store. The host, Dustin McLean, buys one toy rifle for $27 and then uses cardboard, screws, paint and his computer to transform it into the weapon from the film. Check it out.

That’s pretty impressive and definitely one of my favorite on-screen weapons. It just has a great, almost scary look, plus it’s so versatile. Ripley used it as a gun, grenade launcher and flame thrower (with some tape) to kick some Alien ass. I hope Neill Blomkamp brings this gun back if he ever gets to make his new movie and if not, at least now I can have one in my collection.


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