How to Save a Dog's Life? Take Better Pictures

So many dogs are euthanized every year because they can't find a family to adopt them. It's not their fault. With some better picture taking, a few cute poses and accessories, dogs can find a new home in no time.

It's true, Dallas pet photographer Teresa Berg has taken it upon herself to "better market" homeless dogs so they can find a family to take them in. Instead of just snapping a random picture of a dog behind a chain-linked fence, in poor lighting and unflattering poses, Berg takes time with each shot, dressing them up and creating pictures of dogs you can imagine on people's mantles. Gone are red-eyed, blurry shots. In are dogs with a soul.


The results of her pictures were instant. Every dog Berg took a picture of was adopted and the entire dog shelter as a whole has seen a 100% increase in adoption rates. Berg is now starting to teach volunteers how to take better pictures of homeless dogs. It's a pretty great idea for any professional photographer who wants to give back. [Teresa Berg via CBS via The Daily What]

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