How To Take Better Pictures: Tips From a Skateboard Photographer

The art of taking photos of skateboarders is a rich tradition, full of sublime maneuvers and scenes of epic urban shredding. But it's not easy! Not any kid with a fisheye lens can make magazine-worthy images without some know-how. And if you can shoot an ollie well, you can shoot anything.


Here to share his wisdom Michael Burnett, photographer whose work has graced the pages of many a Thrasher magazine. In these videos published by The Ride Channel, Burnett offers up some sound composition tips that can enlighten any type of budding photographer. [YouTube via PetaPixel]



I'm in a film and television program for college and the first semester featured a photography class to teach us composition and lens operation. One if the simplest and most useful guides of course is the Rule Of Thirds. It's not an absolute rule, no, but a very handy guideline.

This arrogant, misanthrope classmate, rejected that whole 'Rule Of Thirds' thing and declared 'Everything is better if it's centered'. ...He failed that course.

Of course, I'm now gathering up the skilled classmates to produce shorts for YouTube over the summer. Meanwhile he's attempting to make his grandiose 13 episode 'season' for some derivative scifi series using just a cheap $300 HD cam and some lav mics... And no one interested in helping him cause he's an arrogant prick who can't take criticism. (Man, did he EVER get upset when I said 'Your script here... How do you expect to shoot the knife/gun/lightening bolt shoot out scene in the mall without, ya know, getting tazed and arrested?')