How To Take Extreme Close-Ups of a Gorilla Using Only Your Phone's Camera

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Have you ever taken pictures at the zoo? It's an exercise in futility. Your puny camera strains to see far-away beasts with their backs turned. Lame. But what if you could get them to come right up to you?

That's exactly what Mark Rober has figured out how to do.

Mark is our rocket scientist friend at NASA JPL who brought us the iPad Halloween Costume, Whiteboard Office Darts, and even explained to us How Spaceships Are Born, but in some ways, this is his coolest video yet. I have never seen anybody get that close to a large animal at a zoo (people being eaten not withstanding), and the resulting shots are just incredible.


It's just another example of someone at NASA thinking outside of the box and using creativity to cheaply engineer their way around a problem. He tried something, and it worked. Then he went home, spent $15 bucks and improved the system. It's just so ridiculously simple and effective. He was even nice enough to make a short how-to video, so you can try it yourself at your local zoo. I can't wait to badger some badgers.


Thanks, Mark!