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When the heat of summer arrives all those iPhone doubters will be left sweltering and swooning when you pull out your iPHONE FAN. German company HMB TEC has created peripherals that plug into the headphone jack, controlled by special apps.


There's that aforementioned fan, which costs 19.90 € (see the first YouTube video below to see it working), with no app needed to control it like with the laser, which costs 20 € and then a further $5.99 for the app.

Other accessories HMB TEC has pioneered include a flashlight, thermometer, heart monitor, infrared remote, microphone and stethoscope. Really, there's enough add-ons and apps here to open a doctor's surgery—or at the very least, impress a lot of people from your office cubicle. [HMB TEC via Recombu]

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