How to Watch Apple's Big MacBook Event Today

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Today is the day we get a new Macbook Pro. It’s been over a year since the last update and over three years since the last proper processor refresh. The current Macbook Pro is ancient by computer standards, and if Apple’s own leak is anything to go by, then we’re about to get some cool new beast that rocks a better processor and an OLED display where the function keys should be. It might also savagely cut away every port you’ve grown to know and love.


If you want to find out, in real time, just which USB ports the new Macbook Pro will have—or how much faster the new MacBook Air might be or when we’ll see an iMac refresh—then you should check out Gizmodo’s liveblog. Adam Clark Estes and Christina Warren are already prepping their cutting commentary for the event.

However, you can always stream the event yourself. If you’re not in Cupertino with a fancy invite to the Apple campus, the best way to watch is on Apple’s website. As always you’ll need to view either via Safari on a Mac running at least 10.9.5, an iOS device running at least 7.0, or via Microsoft Edge on a Windows 10 device. You can also stream directly from an Apple TV if you have one on hand.

The announcement starts at 10am PDT and 1pm EDT.

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Those are some restrictive streaming options.