How Tron 2.0 Will Clone The Young Jeff Bridges

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How do you bring back a younger more light-cycle-friendly Jeff Bridges? We've dug up some details on exactly how Disney may be digitizing Bridges to bring the Flynns together, and they've spared no expense.


After last year's amazing Tron 2.0 test footage premiered at San Diego's Comic Con we were all left stunned. "What, old barefoot Flynn is watching young Flynn destroy some poor blue program? FANTASTIC, and whoa evil beard." While many of you have debated the evilness of Bridges' beard, and the plot summary reveals that there is some rebellion going on against a corrupt cyber-entity which may or may not be Bridges (he could be the rebellion's leader for all we know). But what we've heard a report about how they're going to do it.

A source reveals to io9 that Jeff Bridges has been sent up to Canada to be digitized. A plaster cast has been created of Bridges.

Our tipster tells us that:

They will then take that 3D model and make him younger and then slap it on a body double in post.
As this is only one cog in the machine, I can't give a whole lot of detail. Canada scans actors and props to be used for various projects. These are very high resolution scans that pick up every wrinkle, face lift and scar on the actors body.

If this is true, it totally explains how there can be two Jeff Bridges in the shot together: the real Jeff, and his digitized, younger 3-D clone. Here's hoping it looks as cool as it sounds.



Ok I am torn. Origionally I was stocked. Absolutly giddy. Tron is one of my all time favorite movies and the idea of getting to go back to the world was great. Now comes the 'but', but that wasn't Tron. The blue was racing through a canyon. Canyons like that have no place in Tron world. The rest of Tron world was cool and I could believe it. And they were wearing helmets. not the cool skull caps from before, but full helmets with face plates. The other 'but' Flynn is not evil, never was, never will be, and I will not listen to any one who says other wise. GGGRRRRRR. I will watch this, quite possible on opening night, front and center. But I am nervous.