How Game of Thrones' VFX Wizards Gave Arya Her Skin Mask Disguises

Not all of Game of Thrones season seven’s secrets and surprises have been revealed. Now that the latest season has finally aired, the visual effects studios responsible for bringing the fantasy world to life have started releasing their behind-the-scenes reels of the show’s real magic: its movie-caliber special effects, especially when it comes to Westeros’ tiniest Faceless Man.


It’s no surprise that actress Maisie Williams wasn’t actually wearing real human skin masks whenever Arya disguised herself as other characters, but seeing how CG was used to create the effect makes you wonder if anything was real. The biggest surprise in Zoic Studios’ work on Game of Thrones was just how often special effects were used to bring winter to Westeros. Lush valleys and trees filmed on set often had to be given a frozen, barren facelift for episodes involving the wall and the north.

[Vimeo via Art of VFX]


Iron Man's Pants

I re-watched that episode and still can’t figure out how Arya achieved the 9" of height difference between herself and Walder Frey. Was she wearing stilts beneath the cloak?

In the GOT universe, can the faceless men change heights?