HP Considers Cats a Warranty-Voiding, Computer-Killing "Biological Hazard"

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When cat owner Chris sent his HP Elitebook in for repairs, he received a nasty surprise—not only weren't his repairs covered by his warranty, but his cat was to blame. HP claims the computer was furred to death.

The Consumerist reports Chris' sad story:

The supervisor I spoke to started with "So, you have a long haired-cat?" I in fact have a short haired cat. He then said "Wow, I'm surprised that fan turns at all." I scoffed, and told him he was crazy, and that all the hair in the computer (the very tiny bit in there) was what I sent it in with.


Then he gets back on the phone with me and says that the supervisor said that there was SO MUCH cat hair that it's considered a biological hazard. That's absolutely ridiculous, and he wouldn't even give me the number for his supervisor or transfer me to him (why not?).


Now that's a very creative way of screwing your customer! I've owned many a cat in my time, and while some of them do shed like hell, and while that hair does have a propensity to attach itself to computers, I'm not aware of any thermal properties that would destroy a computer—especially given the tame amount HP photographed on Chris' circuitry. It's not like he filled his computer up with sawdust. Still, with the volume of PC business HP does, I guess they can get away with booting the occasional customer out of their warranty for no reason, and without recourse. Classy! [Consumerist]