HP Is Taking Over the Hosting of HealthCare.gov

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We don't need to tell you how much of a disaster Healthcare.gov has been. But what we do need to tell you is that, fortunately, the Government is being sensible enough to not renew its contract with its host Verizon.


The Department of Health and Human Services will replace Verizon with HP next summer. That should hopefully, once-and-for-all, put an end to the rash of technical problems that have beset the site. The Wall Street Journal explains:

H-P's Enterprise Services group was awarded a $38 million contract to provide web hosting services over the summer, federal contracting records show... An HHS official said the agency overseeing the marketplace "has begun the necessary activities to transition the data center over to H-P. We are working to ensure a smooth transition between the two contractors."


The transition to HP, including swapping the whole thing to a new data center, means that the site remains a work in progress. While the administration hoped that the majority of users would be up and running on the site by the end of November, it looks like major components of the site will take far longer than that to come good. [WSJ]

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Hosting. Yep, that was the problem with healthcare.gov. Hosting. It's not that the software was barely tested and simply doesn't work. Hosting was the problem. Just as the Titanic sunk because they didn't rearrange the chairs often enough.