HP TouchPad Accidentally Shown Off on Video

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For some reason, Sandisk was showing off the HP TouchPad at Computex Taipei. HP probably isn't too happy about their unreleased tablet moseying around some tradeshow but we're liking everything we see. And it looks like HP fixed the TouchPad's slowness problem too. Maybe. [Gadgets Magazine via CrunchGear]

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I'm rooting for WebOS. Its the one UI that rivals and beats in some circumstances Apple's. Its the only OS I'd switch to from Apple. Hopefully HP will be able to create an ecosystem to support it, otherwise, it'll just be a nice web browser.

Am I wrong to think that WebOS was created by ex-Apple employees? I know Rubenstein was the iPod chief, but what about some of the key engineers?

I'll never understand why HP didn't upgrade the hardware for the Pre.

I'd think if HP didn't want this leaked they'd issue a takedown notice to Youtube.