HP's $99 TouchPad Firesale Is Finally Back

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The time's come, cheapasses: HP's $99 TouchPad firesale is about to make its triumphant return. Oh my god I've waited so long for this.

At 7:00 PM Eastern on December 11th, HP's eBay store is going to have the next and maybe last cache of cheap TouchPads. $99 16GB models and $150 32GB models will both be up for grabs. That's great! Here's the catch: The units are refurbished, not new—which isn't a bad thing, necessarily!—and all sales are final. But like, who's going to try to return a $99 TouchPad anyway?


Since the original cheapo stampede over the first TouchPad firesale, the Kindle Fire's shown up with its $200 pricepoint, and the PlayBook dropped to that price as well—and maybe even further soon. But the TouchPad is still the only full-sized tablet to get the here-take-it-please-oh-god prices, and webOS has gotten a few upgrades while HP shuffles its feet over what to do with the mobile OS. So basically, it's still a totally awesome deal and you should get one if you can. [TechCrunch]

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Mr. Blonde

What follows is my mini-review of the Touchpad...just skip it if you dont wanna read...thanks if you do!

My Touchpad experience has been largely positive; Upon its arrival in August, I immediately turned on the WebOS dev mode and installed Preware. After installing a myriad of patches and overclocking to 1.5 GHZ from the stock 1.2, its run pretty quick, even more so after 3.0.4. To those worried about overclocking your TP; the chip is actually the same as the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm in a few other devices and in the unreleased Touchpad Go, only tested at 1.2GHz, so its virtually begging for you to clock it to 1.5.


- WebOS is awesome in its simplicity with the cards system. You never feel like you don't know exactly what is running on your machine at all times. (except every now and then...see cons)

- Browser is great, renders most pages well and handles flash video fine. Not all is well tho...

- Flicking cards away is boss

- Screen is beautiful, virtually identical to the iPad

- Touch response is great (especially after upgrades)

- Sound is pretty good too (Beats audio), especially for a tablet

- Battery is great, lasts all day easy. About 8-9 hours for me, but I never do drain it all the way.


-System is kinda meh without Preware tweaks (though much is better with stock 3.0.4 now)

-Browser can downright suck; some webpages, ESPECIALLY Yahoo Fantasy Football, can keep reloading, sometimes uncontrollably. No text reflow either when you zoom in, which can make Wikipedia next to unreadable at times.

- HP web store is limited, but you knew that.

- What you may not have known is they do not refund you, AT ALL for purchases, which blows. I bought Splashtop Streamer (which turns your TP into a Mac btw, which is all kinds of win) for $10 right when it released, only to have them lower it to $5 later that day, and there are no refunds on the HP store, unlike Android. And you can't demo nearly anything, so bleh. HP gets no mo dough from me.

- Will occasionally run out of memory, even when you only have one card open. Its pretty rare, but it makes me long for the control I have with Android where I KNOW what is running for sure...mostly

I haven't yet gone with Android/CM, though I am very familiar with it on my OG Droid. I'm waiting until its ready to go with an easy install. I hear it runs great for the most part, but there are still some bugs like WiFi dropping out or not waking from sleep. I may just wait for them to throw ICS on it, which is what I think they are up to.