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Remember HP's MediaSmart TV—a 37-inch LCD with the Internet connection and ability to stream content from a PC? Well, it's back for '07; and like all TVs, it's bigger. The new models come in 42-inch and 47-inch, 1080p sizes.


They're more powerful, too. The Wi-Fi is upgraded from 802.11a/b/g to 11n, and HP says wireless HD video streaming will be easy as pie. (It handles MPEG 1/2/4, H.264, DiVX, XVid, WMV, and WMV-HD.) The MediaSmarties can now aggregate content from multiple PCs on the network, not just one. And you can now order CinemaNow movies downloads directly from the TV remote, without having to fiddle with the PC (though you need a running PC or network drive like HP's new media server to stores the downloads on).

HP says it will have more content sources when the TVs launch in "late spring." No pricing yet, but they say MediaSmarts will cost about $300 more than their standard LCD models of the same size.