HP's Voodoo-Powered Blackbird 002 Unveiled By Creator (Video)

Click to viewTonight in New York, VoodooPC cofounder (and HP employee) Rahul Sood shows off his newest miracle of PC science, the Blackbird 002. It's a little long (7min, 30sec or so) so you might want to grab a beverage. –Video by Richard Blakeley


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Wolfticket: it's not THAT Voodoo. as far as i know it's VooDooPC (i.e. the people that build high-end enthusiast computers, which is why he kept mentioning VooDoo PC's having such excellent hardware, and extreme upgradability, but crappy wiring).

and yeah..... "never seen before" method of cooling.... PSU on the bottom, drawing air from the bottom. yep... uh huh... *cough*CoolerMaster Cosmos*cough*. the hard drive bays even look somewhat like the Cosmos's... which also look like Apple's. surprised they didn't show how to mount optical drives. wonder if they install with the push of a button too.