More details of HTC's Google phone are emerging, it seems. The handset is to be called "Dream", will be touchscreen and have a large QWERTY keypad. So, what else do we know? And, more importantly, when is it coming out?


Well, the HTC handset is around five inches long and 3 inches wide with a keypad that either slides or swivels out to make emailing, note-taking and writing Web addresses easy. The Internet is navigated via controls below the screen. So, that's just like a generic HTC phone, then.

The source of the current leak, described as "a person close to the situation" (ha!) claims that the handset will be available around the end of the year, although HTC is staying schtumm on the matter. "We cannot comment on this product," their rep said.

HTC will be facing competition from Samsung. The Korean electronics giant is, apparently, wetting its knickers to get its Google phone out before that of HTC. [Yahoo!]

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