Google Android Prototype In the Wild

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Here's the first gorgeous shot of an Google Android prototype in the wild. It looks HTC-ish in build, similar to the grainy versions we've seen in the official videos and the renderings in the SDK emulator. Our source, a Giz reader, had some feedback to add to the prototype, which he used for a day: Even in early form, it's light and fast, much faster than the desktop emulator at times. And as a longtime programmer, he thinks it's a lot more put together than Window Mobile 5 on the back side of things. It's a prototype, so things will obviously change, but these are all great signs. I just pray that hardware by other makers is a lot more adventurous. In my mind, those HTC designs remind me a little too much of WM and will for a long time. [Thanks Tipster X]



I think several of the commenters here are missing the point. Android isn't a phone... it's a phone OS. I'm sure Android could be on a touch screen if it was installed on one. The idea is to make as many phones as possible to have a unified interface, etc. Trashing the phone that it's installed on is like basing an opinion of Windows Vista or OSX solely on the appearance of the computer it's installed on.