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HTC Dream Android Phone Shown Off at Google Conference

Engadget's saying the HTC Dream has just been shown off at the Google I/O Conference. No pics or vids yet, but from what we've heard before, it's a phone with a touchscreen and a large QWERTY keypad. Just like the rest of HTC's phones, except this one's screen is 5x3-inches. There's an accelerometer as well. Check back soon for pics and vids when we get them. [Engadget]


This isn't the Dream, but Android Community has shots and videos of the UI. Here's one of them. Head over to their site to see the rest.


[Android Community]

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@tkohrs2002: Multitouch is using more than one finger simultaneously to produce results you can't produce with only one finger. What they did is NOT multitouch. That said, they seem have a pretty good handle on the overall movement without needing multitouch. Very smooth OS. I'm excited.