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HTC Dream Gets Unconfirmed Specs (Decent CPU Power, Meager RAM)

Illustration for article titled HTC Dream Gets Unconfirmed Specs (Decent CPU Power, Meager RAM)

Android Guys has an as-of-yet unconfirmed spec sheet on the HTC Dream (which they say is called the T1 on T-Mobile), supposedly one of the first Android phones to hit the market later this year. The most notable specs are the 528MHz Qualcomm 7201 CPU, which is a fairly decent processor as long as it's powering an OS that's not too bloated, 64MB RAM (kinda dinky), 1GB microSD card, 3.1-megapixel camera with no flash, decent audio and video codec support 3G, Quad-Band GSM, 802.11b/g, a 3.17-inch screen with 480x320 resolution and AIM/MSN/Yahoo/GTalk.It also weighs 5.6 oz, but it's also syncable with Google Calendar and has Google StreetView with a built-in compass, so we can forgive its beefiness. We weren't super excited about the Dream before, but these details are getting us halfway there. Head over to Android Guys to get the full specs. We also darkened the lines on the image a bit to make it easier to see. [Android Guys]


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Loving the people freaking out over the small amount of RAM. This is a new OS, people, that may not make very heavy use of it. Heck, I've run it on my Mogul which had only 10MB of free RAM at the time. I bet 64MB is roomy for it.