HTC G1 (Dream) Shows Up on T-Mobile's Website

Illustration for article titled HTC G1 (Dream) Shows Up on T-Mobiles Website

We know it is going to be officially announced on Tuesday, but it appears that T-Mobile couldn't wait to get their brand new G1/Dream/Whatever Android-powered baby up on their website. The screenshot above highlights a pre-registration link (not working) inside the portal. [T-Mobile]


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I have been patiently waiting for my carrier, Sprint, to receive its first Android phone. I'm due for an upgrade and I have an extremely sweet plan which I could never replicate at any of the other carriers ($90/3 lines, one line with 6pm nights, 1400 total primetime minutes, one phone with full Vision but no tethering). Since it's time to watch pennies, I'd rather spend spare change on hardware rather than on recurring fees.