HTC Titan II Hands On: The Giantest Windows Phone Now Has a Titanic 16-Megapixel Camera and LTE

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The Titan II is the good kind of sequel: It doesn't screw up anything that made the original a fan favorite—that 4.7-inch screen—but it adds everything they want. Like a crazy 16-megapixel camera, AT&T LTE and a massiver battery.

Full-sized samples right here.

It really is just like the original Titan, but with a slightly fresher industrial design—it's prettier!—and LTE and a big-baller camera packed in. So on the LTE front, despite a million people packed on AT&T's network, we're getting 10Mbps downstream pretty consistently here in Vegas, and even heavy web pages load with serious zip, thanks to the Titan II's 4G powers and 1.5GHz processor.


But what about the camera? It's genuinely damn good, considering how many pixels are crammed into the phone's tiny sensor. Autofocus and shooting is plenty quick, though sometimes I wish Windows Phone gave you slightly more control over the camera.


Full sized samples can be had right here.

All in all, there's not much more to say, though, than it seems like a pretty solid update to an already solid phone. Just wish we knew when it was coming out and how much it's gonna cost.