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HTC Touch Dual Slider Video Walkthrough

If you're at all interested in HTC's Touch Dual, also known as the sliding version of the HTC Touch, you should take a look at eXpansys's video walkthrough of its features. The top TouchFlo interface is the same as the HTC Touch, which you've seen before, but the slide-out keypad is gives a really satisfying *click*. The narration is in a very dry British monotone, so you may have to slap yourself a few times after watching this to make sure you're not falling asleep at work. [Expansys via Mobility Site]


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And it's unlocked when you buy it so you don't have to fight a haxx0r battle against firmware. If anything you get cooked versions with a gazillion applications.

I have a ipodaphone and I love the screen but I'd trade it in a heartbeat for this device especally if it was cdma ev-do networked.