HTC's Magic Labs

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The NYTimes's profile on HTC's billionaire founder and Chairwoman Cher Wang reveals some interesting facts about the company. The most fun being HTC's R&D think tank is called Magic Labs, where engineers have titles like Mechanical Wizard and Chief Innovation Wizard. They've also got a writer and jeweler among their 50 lucky staff, but probably no barbarians or clerics. The labs churn about 1000 ideas before they come up with a handful that make it to production, one of which was the UI in the HTC TouchFlo. With Android just about here, here's hoping they do more than just wrap pretty around WM. —Cher Wang is a former Oakland, CA, resident and UC Berkeley Alum. She started as a music major and finished in economics. —HTC made 1 out of every 6 phones sold in the US this year, most of them branded by other companies —Two years ago, they started branding their devices. —Cher got the idea for HTC when working at computer part maker FIC. As she hauled parts she hoped to sell, she wondered what it would be like when computers were not as heavy. [NYTimes]


When they were Qtek, I paid 700$ for the shitiest gadget I have ever had, the Qtek S200, which alike all their dumbphones, sorry errr, smartphones, lost all the data when it ran out of battery. It ran Windows mobile, the equivalent piece of shit to Windows SO it had WiFi, but without any apparent reason, you weren´t able to connect to any network, you had several menus where you couldn´t find out anything. I spent 70$ on a SD memory card (2gb)

I can not understand how anyone can say that an iphone is expensive compared to this shit, sure they haven't tried one.