HTC's New "Helicopter View" Shown Off In Desire Video

Illustration for article titled HTCs New Helicopter View Shown Off In Desire Video

A new feature that's making its way onto all of HTC's Android phones via its Sense overlay is the "helicopter view," as they call it internally. It's like Mac OS X's Exposé function, letting you see all homescreens instantly.

Recombu has shot a hands-on video of the Desire, which specs-wise is identical to the Nexus One, only with HTC Sense slicked over the top. It's a quick look at what to expect, and how you'll be accessing all those lovely homescreen widgets in the future. [Recombu]

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What's the point of this?! It's not like this phone has more home screens than the current HTC Hero.

Exposé would be great for switching between apps, but for home screens? That seems very unnecessary to me.

But holy crap the message widget's transitions are actually smooth now.