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Disney's talks with Hulu are wrapping up and a deal could come any day now, according to All Things D. Three of the four major networks will be on Hulu. So what's Disney bringing to Hulu?


Peter Kafka hears that all of ABC's big shows, like Lost, will be available on Hulu—what's up in the air now is which Disney shows will be, and which, if any, Pixar films will show up. Sadly not making the crossover are ESPN or ABC News.

What's interesting is who's fighting the deal: CBS, Comcast and Google are whispering in Disney CEO Bob Iger's ear that he shouldn't go exclusive with Hulu. CBS has a different online strategy—making their video available in lots of places and selling the ads themselves—which is why they're not keen on going exclusively Hulu. Kafka's sources say that CBS is committed to going that route, so even if they do wind up on Hulu—possible, with the pressure of being the last man standing, they won't go exclusive, at least not anytime soon. [All Things D]

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