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We all groaned at the news about Hulu moving to a paid model next year. But what if a pay Hulu was to TV what VOIP is to phone, a cheap way to ditch your cable company without sacrifices?


What kind of features would you need to see from Hulu before you can consider it a full cable replacement? Not one with caveats like Sean found, but one that does everything you want. No compromises as far as you're concerned. We don't know the cost yet, but let's assume Netflix-style pricing in the ballpark of $10-20 a month.


For me, I would need content available as soon as it airs (no delay), HD, a much wider selection of content, and set-top-box playback capability. At least.

If they meet those requirements, I might be willing to part with a few bucks a month and ditch my cable company entirely. What about you?


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