Humanity Will Record Apocalypse with Cellphones

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After yesterday's California earthquake everyone and their dogs* is posting videos online. Cellphones, camcorders, digital cameras, or CCTV, it doesn't matter: like the following clips show, it looks like this era of democratized gadgetry has made humans eager to record their own destruction, perhaps as a last chance to leave a notch in History. I can see it already, when the fourth angel sounds the trumpet, people will take out their cellphones and start recording a video of the Apocalypse. Except iPhone users, who would only be able to take photos. That and change their Facebook status to "is watching the asteroid falling."


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* See? The dogs too.

In fact, I can already imagine Facebook's status worldwide:

"Jason is taking off his pants as he watches the city turn into flames"

"Jesus is trying to repent quickly of all his sins and having his last Margarita"

"Brian is liveblogging the incoming tsunami. It's cool"

"Mark is trying to finish Mario Galaxy II before the asteroid hits"

"Adam is looking for his bong"

"Matt is reading the NYT. Wha'?"

"Benny is looking for Tracie for a last snog"

"Strider is commenting in Brian's liveblog"

"Lindsay Joy is watching her Lego minifigs melt"

"Curves is keeping it cool, like always"

"OMG Ponies is OMG"


Have your own favorite California earthquake video or your future Apocalypse Facebook status? Post it in the comments.

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Here in the midwest we dont get many earthquakes that you can feel, and when they do happen, we dont even know what it is until later when some quake savvy californian tells us. I notice in the vid everyone runs for the that what youre supposed to do, go outside? We only have fire or tornado drills here, I wouldnt even know how to react to protect myself.