Hunt Hydra At Your High School With a Captain America Shield Backpack

Since both vibranium and adamantium only exist in the comic book world, ThinkGeek had to settle on lightweight plastic to make its new Captain America Shield backpack. So it won’t stop bullets or blows from mythical hammers, but it will be comfortable to carry when crammed full of textbooks and your laptop.


The $50 pack is an original ThinkGeek creation so you’ll only be able to buy it from its website. But that’s a minor inconvenience given how perfect this officially-licensed Marvel product looks. The leather-looking shoulder straps are reminiscent of Captain America’s suit as seen in his recent movie outings, and the padded back is embossed to look like Cap’s torso.

A pair of zippers reveal the backpack’s guts hidden behind that 18-inch plastic shield with enough space and pockets for a laptop, phone, and all the other gadgets you can’t leave home without. All Steve Rogers would need to bring with him is guts and bravery, but the rest of us need a few electronic aids to give us supersoldier-like powers. [ThinkGeek]

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