Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike

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It may look unassuming, but this bike by Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Power Source Technology Co is pretty revolutionary. Behind the seat is a hydrogen fuel cell. So not only do you get a nice little motor to help propel you 15 mph for up to 60 miles when you're sick of pedaling, but you can also be fully recharged in about a half hour. This beats the hell out of regular electric bikes, which typically clock in at around a 3-hour recharge time. While this bike won't be much help to you if there aren't any refueling stations in your area, if there are one or two you can always just pedal there if you run out of hydrogen. Much easier than if your hydrogen car runs out of fuel. Currently it's priced at a very steep $2,600—however, once it hits mass production it should drop to around $500. [Ecotality]

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you see, what should be done with these bikes is this:

you have the fuel cell. when it creates it's "wastes", they store them. when you pedal, it "recycles" the wastes to form h and o2 again, thus creating a relatively cheap method of transport. major setbacks to this? probably the fact that something is bound to blow up or that the system just won't work.

ps. first comment or am i too late?