HyperMac iPad Stand Charges While You Watch

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Those looking to minimize desk clutter will be pleased with HyperMac's entrant to the iPad stand rodeo, offering a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery for 16 hours of extra life.


The HyperMac stand has two slots at 18 and 45 degree angles, each providing what purports to be superior viewing for movies and reading, respectively—and you can even stick your iPad in while clothed in Apple's official case. HyperMac, whose quality wares we've covered before, claims the 12.7 ounce stand is pocketable as well, though we're not sure how the "No, listen, that was just an iPad stand in my pocket" defense will work after an awkward hug. [HyperShop]



Stand that works with a case? Kudos.

$130 for such a stand? Suckit.