Illustration for article titled Hyundai MB400 Phone Looks Like a Bad Apple Fan Concept from 2006

Still bitter that Apple didn't use your totally rad theoretical iPhone concept all those years ago? You know, the iPod with Photoshopped phone icons on it? Well, have I got a phone for you!


It's almost hard to believe that the Hyundai MB400 even exists, but it's actually on display at MWC right now. What do we know about it? Practically nothing, except for the fact that it looks like a knockoff iPod classic, makes calls, play music, and has a touchscreen that requires a stylus. Sales, I'm guessing, will be limited to places where patent law doesn't really exist. Release info is nonexistent for the time being, but my guess: the MB400 will soon be available, strictly in trade for food or ammunition, in Guangzhou, Mogadishu, and the internet. [Pocketlint]

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