Hz0 Nano-Scale Vapor Waterproofs Gadgets from the Inside Out

Ruggedizing your personal electronics, especially waterproofing them, is a pain—typically either requiring you stuff it in a PVC bag or ensconce it in four pounds of silicone rubber. But, one day soon, our precious gadgets may come waterproofed on the molecular level.


Instead of trying to seal water out of gadgets, the Hz0 waterproofing system uses a proprietary process to that allows the hydrophobic, nano-scale film to bond tightly to the device's interior and exterior surfaces. So, water can enter the device, it just doesn't actually come into contact with any electrified parts. And, as the video above shows, devices still work even when submerged.

No word yet on how exactly the application process works or the price of the service—the system is still under development—but Hz0 will soon be offered on various Zagg products. Between Hz0 and other recently-unveiled hydrophobic protective film, NeverWet, the days of fishing your phone out of a poopy toilet with your bare hands just to find it shorted out may soon be over. [Hz0 via PC World]


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